Boaz Regev – Interview

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We started a new and ambitious project of interviews with artists, the goal is to get to know the work and the thought processes behind their music. This time we will meet Boaz Regev, a wonderful artist with music that moved me personally and gave me a feeling of connection to nature and another time space.

Boaz Regev is a musician, creator and composer. He plays the tar, an ancient Persian instrument. Boaz Creates unique music that varies between traditional and modern style.

Boaz’s works are based on the theory of Makam, the classical music from the East.

And he draws his inspiration from diverse worlds:
Classical Persian, Azeri and Arabic music, Modern, pop and jazz and touches of Moroccan and Indian music to ancient Jewish music.

In all his pieces you can hear and feel the effects of nature, soul and spirit.

Hi Boaz, Can you tell us about your relationship with music and its impact on you?

Playing music has always accompanied me, since I was a child
And in all these years I always had a sense of search.
I searched for my sounds,
To express my soul in the most accurate way.
When I heard the ancient music from the East
She directly spoke to me – went deep, touched my soul strongly.
I felt that I had found what I had been My story with music –
looking for all these years,
that I have reached my root.

Music for me is everything
Creation, nature, humans and the soul.
She tells the story of my soul
Among all the situations I’m in in the world
She is the thread that connects them,
She is the story of my heart.

Can you tell us a little bit about your unique instrument?

The instrument I play is called Tar
I met him through my master Dr. Piris Eliyahu
He taught me so much about music and in general.
The tar is a wonderful instrument, it has tremendous depths and is a very sensitive instrument.
A instrument that is all nature – wood, bones and skins
It produces a resonant sound that penetrates the soul.

I found something sacred in the world of ancient Eastern music – Makamat.
My heart and my lost identity, my soul
I was exposed to a whole world of sounds, stories, journeys and places

Where do your musical influences come from?

My inspiration is mainly my soul, nature, the seasons and the tradition of music.

We would love for you to tell us about your new album

ery excited for the release of the album “Earth and Wind”.
For 10 years now I have been studying, researching and delving into classical music from the East.
It is a love that has no return, when the sounds touched my soul I realized that I would find what I was looking for.

The music connected me to the roots, to a culture that has disappeared, for me Makam music is sacred music, the essence of which is to connect man to himself, to his soul, to the spirit and to nature.

The album has 8 pieces that I composed over the years, pieces that express emotional states I’ve been in and places in nature and the world I’ve traveled to, woven into one story. There are 12 main scales each creating a whole set of different emotions and different places in nature.

The works were composed in 5 different maqams – Chaharga, Shur, Mahur, Nava, Rast
Chaharga – Makam of the night reserve, of war between light and darkness.
Shur – Makam of desert, observation and passion.
Mahur – Makam of midnight, stars, optimism, freedom and more.
Nava – Makam of green hills, glory, majesty and beauty.
Rast – Makam of justice, truth, honesty, father of scales.

“Earth and Wind” is a story of a journey from darkness to confusion and chaos to light, observation, wonder and transcendence. From the desert, the valleys and the hills to the cliffs, the high mountains and the cool peaks.
From a difficult walk in strong winds to the flight of the soul and glory.

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