Max TenRom – Interview

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Max TenRoM was born in Toulouse, the famous Pink City from Southern France. He started playing music from an early age, learning his piano skills through Jazz. Once he had become comfortable on the piano he switched his focus to synthesizers and acoustic drums. As a result, he naturally started exploring electronic music production.

On stage Max mixes electronic and acoustic sounds with piano/synthsdrum-pad machines and acousticdrums. He uses all his energy to add live Bongos and Darbouka fills to make his live-set a complete audiovisual performance.

Max is one of the names that will count in the Organic House & Techno scene, he recently played with Unders, Acid Arab, Sorä, Sam Paganini, Tebra, Sahalé, Teho, Paji, Worakls or Joris Delacroix to name a few, now called to open the biggest Techno and Organic House artists. 

Counting millions of plays and regularly in the top Beatport, his music is very well received in the musical industry, with 

a lot of releases and podcasts on renowned labels such as Lump Records, 3000Grad, Goldcast by Goldcap, Cafe de Anatolia, Shango, Kosa, Monada, Art Vibes, Wannabe a Frog, O’Tawa, Harabe, Dreams Way and many more…

Max can navigate between an Organic & Exotic House style and Techno sonorities. 

What are your sources of inspiration when you start working on a new trek and what was the motivation for this track ?

I think I don’t have any special inspirations when I start a new song, sometimes I just have an idea, a sonoritie that inspires me. Sometimes I try some chord melodies on my piano and I see what comes of it. Sometimes it’s a track from another artist that inspires me.

What is the story you wanted to tell on this track? What mood the listener needs to enjoy it optimally.

For this track “Ahmet” I wanted to illustrate a walk in a desert, where acoustic sonorities meet electronic music, the essence of the Organic House.

Tell us a little about your creative process.

I go to the studio on afternoon and late in the night, I like being isolated when I make a song. I make piano, drums, trying to find new sonorities and melodies. I also listen a lot of samples, vocal and traditional instruments for the majority.

I record many things, then I organize everything in an Ableton project. I attach a particular importance to arrangements and details, it’s the entire depth of the track.

What can we expect from you in the coming year?

Many gigs in clubs and festivals such as Son Libre Festival, Okami Festival, Sparklers Festival in France and maybe some new gigs in Europe. I will also have a lot of new releases in 2024, on labels that I love so much : Sol Selectas, Cosmic Awakenings, Frooogs and many more…

Do you have a little tip to give to artists reading this article?

Just follow your instinct, be loyal to your spiritual values and make music you love !

Can you share with us where we can hear your music? (Attach links wherever you want)

You can listen my music on all musical platforms :






FanLink (all platforms)

Can you share with us a bit about the tools you use in production?

I use Ableton Live with many synth & effect VST, I also have hardware synths, ROLAND Juno, SPD SX, KORG Minilogue, analog reverb and acoustic drums. I also really like the software SPLICE for the samples.

What’s the next tool you’d like to bring to your studio?

For a long time I thought about buying the MOOG SUB37, one of the best synths for me.

And maybe new drums.

Are there other projects you participate in ?

Yes I’m also the founder of the CULTE collective in my hometown Toulouse in France.

We are a label and we also have Downtempo, Organic & Afro House parties. We propose charitable projects in our events, by discovering a region of the world and an association to help.

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