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Emerging electronic artist

Genre? Electronic, Psychedelia, Dub, Techno, World 

From? Israel but based in London 


Fusing synth-dripped melodies to darkly atmospheric soundscapes, Zaidman is an emerging artist from Israel currently making his mark on the global music scene. Currently based out of London, he is inspired by his travels around the world. His style is highly eclectic and has an innate ability to really dig deep into listeners to invoke soul-stirring emotions. He’s inspired by a wide range of influences from movie soundtracks and psychedelic rock music, all the way to electronic producers like The Chemical Brothers, The Future Sound of London and Kraftwerk. 

The up and coming artist puts melody and story-telling at the core of everything he does. His lush electronic atmospheres really put you into a certain zone. They are eerie, cinematic and oozing with originality. He aims to take his listeners on a thrilling musical journey from start to finish as he continues to obliterate the boundaries of genre. His sound is impossible to pigeonhole, as it fuses together such a furious flurry of various inspirations. Though blurs the line between techno, dub, 

psychedelia, world music and cinematic soundtracks.

Current projects 

The genre-bending producer has been bringing his darkly soothing melodies to the world for well over a decade now. He started out with his solo project “TKY”. A more chilled creation which saw him release compilations and 

eventually an album on record labels. The style of his early stuff was mainly softer and more geared towards listeners who purely want to chill out. 

Around seven years ago he moved out to London, in the UK and re-invented his sound under the “Zaidman” alias. His later works are much more atmospheric and play like a movie soundtrack. They take the listener on a journey through the worlds of dark electronica and beyond. He’s recently released his first single “Earthlings”, an ethereal floor-filler brimming with slick style. He has over twenty more releases ready for release in 2021, with his smash single “Lightbender” due out imminently. 


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The life, the vision 

The multi-talented musician has been immersed in the world of music ever since he was a child. He first got captivated by the worlds of underground electronic music when he was exposed to trance, ambient house and techno. He was fascinated by these styles and began producing his own music as a teenager. By the time he was eighteen he was already releasing music and sending them out to labels. He bugged them relentlessly until finally landing a deal and putting out a string of successful songs under the alias “TKY”. 

These days he’s creating from the bustling, bright lights of London, with his aim of making his mark in the music industry. Over the years his sound has evolved from laid-back, club-friendly chill tracks to a more bigger sound of epic proportions. He has studied film and sound engineering and worked on a few movie and TV productions. Not to mention playing at numerous festivals, normally at the alternative/chill out stage. His music is all about moving people. Whether that be in the form of getting them moving on the dancefloor or making them think. He endeavours to create an entire experience for his listeners and help people from all walks of life feel good and create unforgettable memories through his songs.