Interview with Mon cher Guy

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Hi , nice to meet you. Let’s start by telling us a little about yourself.

Hey Simon, nice to meet you too! I am Mon cher Guy, a French DJ and electronic music producer, living in Paris! I play mainly indie dance and dark disco, a mix of Depeche Mode, disco, sometimes world music, all in electronic music with a bit of an old school vibe.

And sometimes I stray a bit from all that to go towards more melodic sounds or even sometimes Dub.

I started mixing and producing during the first lockdown. I had already spent a few years playing the clarinet at the conservatory and I wanted to be able to play all the instruments at the same time to express myself, I felt too limited with just the clarinet, and I discovered computer music.

What are your sources of inspiration when you start working on a new track and what was your motivation for this piece?

Tell us a bit about your creative process.

My sources of inspiration? They come from everywhere, really. Sometimes it’s the rhythm of a windshield wiper in the middle of a storm or the hum of a refrigerator that gives me a beat idea. For this remix, it was a suggestion from my boyfriend, an expert of HNRY FLWR and, incidentally, of my musical tastes. He proposed the idea of an electronic version, and voilà! Without telling him anything, I plunged into creation.

The first part of the track materialized quickly, while the disco influence brought life to the second part a week later, bringing a unique energy and perspective to the track.

I heard your new track and it’s incredible. Can you tell us a bit about it?

What is the story you wanted to tell in this track? What mindset does the listener need to fully appreciate it?

Thank you, that means a lot! The original track, composed by HNRY FLWR, is a captivating indie rock piece that I had the pleasure of discovering in detail during his performance in Paris. In my remix, I sought to retain the hypnotic and psychedelic essence of his music while integrating my personal touch. The result is a mix of club and dance sounds, starting with a dark rock bass and evolving into a disco rhythm, creating an intriguing duality.

What can we expect from you in the coming year?

This year looks exciting with several projects underway. In January/early February, I’m releasing an EP on Cafe de Anatolia, including remixes from The Real Carter and Helkah. This EP is a mix of progressive, indie dance, and organic sounds. Also, a track will be released on Multinotes, as part of a compilation from the musical universe of Lehar. Simultaneously, I’m working on tracks with varied influences, drawing inspiration from genres such as Western and French variety like Gainsbourg, thus exploring various facets of music.

Do you have any advice for artists reading this article?

Listening to a wide variety of music has been beneficial for me. It has helped me develop my style. I suggest to other artists to keep an open mind: the next great melody could be hiding in the noise of your toaster 😉

Can you tell us where we can listen to your music? 

For those who like to see a DJ in action, my Instagram is the ideal place. For a more intimate experience, where I share my creations and sets, my Soundcloud is your destination. And for playlist purists, find me on Spotify.

Can you tell us about the tools you use for production?

My studio is more minimalist than a student’s room after moving out. A computer, headphones, and sometimes a keyboard are all I need.

What is the next tool you would like to bring to your studio?

For now, I think my studio and I are good as we are. It’s a bit like in a relationship: why change a winning team?

But hey, I never say no to a new instrument or gadget that could add a bit of magic to my compositions. Maybe a vintage synthesizer to give it that retro-futuristic feel?

Do you participate in other projects?

I’m a resident at Sacré Radio, which is great for sharing my passion for music. And of course, I continue to mix regularly in clubs and festivals, where I give my best to get people dancing !

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