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SPKTRR is Itai Spector from Israel, a Melodic Techno & Progressive House producer.

Itai used to be a part of the trio psy-trance band “Sesto Sento” with Aviram Saharai and Matan Kadosh
also known as Vini Vici during the years of 2001-2011. Together they have released 4 studio albums, compiled 3 compilations,
1 remix album, and many more singles and EP’s. During these years they used to perform a lot all around the globe in
Psytrance venues to probably over 1 million attendees, and they were noted as one of the most noticeable psytrance acts in those times.
Needless to say, that after Itai left the group, Matan & Aviram unarguably became the most leading act of the Psytrance scene.

Itai also had a side-project with Aviram Saharai during the years 2004-2011, where they co-produced dark Psytrance music under the name of “Ferbi Boys”.
They have released 2 albums together and also a wide variety of singles and EP’s.

During 2009-2011 Itai, Aviram Saharai, Itai Yona and Matan Kadosh worked under the name of “The 8th Note”, where they co-produced
music in the genre of Electro House and Progressive House. The project had some releases with Itai.

During the years of 2009-2011, Itai got closer to the practices of his Jewish religion, which eventually made him quit all the projects
that he was part of. Itai had a long break from electronic music due to this searching for a meaning in life,
a search that got him away from producing music, djing and touring.

During the year of 2019, some friends of Itai played him some of the latest electronic trends, such as music by David August, Recondite and Stephan Bodzin.
This stuff literally blew his mind, and brought him back again to produce electronic music again, but this time in the genre of melodic techno and progressive house.